Concerns for the environment and rising energy costs are growing every day. One of the ways you can reduce your heating costs and improve your carbon footprint is by replacing your single paned windows with double glazing. 

Here are the main reasons why double glazing is an essential choice when it comes to insulating your London home.

Comfortable Temperatures

Double glazing is primarily used to prevent heat from escaping through your windows. Two layers of thermal glass are separated by an air gap that acts as an insulating barrier. This prevents the colder, outside temperature from lowering the warmer temperature inside. The result is a reduction in heat loss from the windows by 50% compared to single panes. Not only will your home be warmer and more comfortable, you’ll notice a significant reduction in your heating bills. Double glazing also helps to reduce the build-up of heat during the warmer months.

Glass Company LondonUV Protection

Intense sunlight can damage your skin and cause upholstery and carpets positioned near windows to fade and discolour. Double glazing reduces the effect of UV rays by regulating the amount of UV light that enters your home.

Reduces Condensation

When warm air is in contact with cold glass, condensation can form. This excess moisture can lead to discoloured window seals and possible damp problems. The insulation properties of double glazing help to reduce condensation build-up and keep the air in your home comfortably drier.

Noise Reduction

Double glazing is effective at reducing outside noise. It’s a popular choice for London properties located in high traffic areas or on the busy Heathrow and Gatwick flight paths.

Period Properties

London has a wealth of period properties and owners prefer to keep original features such as fireplaces, flooring, windows, doors and decorative features. They tend to turn their noses up at double glazing believing that white UPVC plastic is the only choice available.

In recent times, however, there have been major improvements in producing modern window systems that replicate the original ones without ruining the look of an older property. A combination of modern technology and wider choice of frame colours and textures enable property owners to choose an energy efficient solution without spoiling the aesthetics of their home. Carefully chosen, high quality double glazing installed by professional qualified glaziers can add real value to your property.

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