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Using Different Styles of Glass For A Glass Replacement

Giving your home a facelift can be easier than you might think. Glass is often something homeowners overlook, but clever use of this versatile material can change the look of your whole house. There’s no need to wait until a cracked or broken window needs an emergency glass repair. And if your window and door frames – whether uPVC, timber, or metal – are in good condition, glass replacement is a possibility too.

Isn’t All Glass the Same?

There are numerous different styles of glass available today; you’re sure to find something that suits your property – and your budget. What’s more, the use of decorative glass doesn’t need to be confined to windows and doors, although they’re obviously key areas. You can use glass throughout the home to add style – and you might add value too.

Glass for Windows and Doorsglass replacement

There are several important things to consider when choosing glass, either in a planned new installation, glass replacement or following a glass repair.

This includes:

 What’s the size of the glazed area?

 Do you need to allow light in, or block it out?

 What about noise?

 Is the glass in a hard-to-reach position?

 If choosing decorative glass replacement windows and panels, will the new design be appropriate to your property?

Popular Styles of Decorative Glass glass replacement

You’ll find lots of styles to choose from and it might be helpful to get advice from glass repair and replacement experts.

 Patterned glass, often with coloured panes or leaded lights, is available in traditional or modern designs. A dull outlook can be brightened up by the addition of a patterned replacement glass panel.

 Frosted glass isn’t just for bathrooms; it can be used in many situations and often has a contemporary, textured look.

 If saving energy is important to you, then replacement glass with thermal-insulating properties is an excellent option.

Other Glass Products That Give Your Home a Style Updateglass replacement

Why not complement the look of your newly designed windows and doors with other, modern glass products?

If your staircase balustrade is old and tired, the addition of bespoke replacement panels made from toughened glass will transform the whole area.

Kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from durable glass splashbacks that give you functional, clean lines. Glass replacement tiles come in many colours and can look stunning in opaque or translucent varieties.

glass replacement

How to Clean Windows After Glass Replacement Work

glass replacement New or old, windows always look better clean. And yet cleaning windows may not be your idea of fun. Perhaps you think it’s too much hard work or dread the thought of all those smudges and smears. Fear not. Armed with the right tips and techniques, you too can make the best of your windows. So whether you’ve had a recent glass replacement job or are thinking about investing in some much-needed glass repair work, learn how to get your windows sparking like a pro.

The Right Tools

The key to easier and more enjoyable window cleaning is having the right tools. Invest in a good quality squeegee and a T-bar style window scrubber. Make sure you have a good-sized bucket –this needs to be big enough for both your squeegee and your scrubber. And don’t forget some good quality lint-free or microfiber cloths, some sponges and your choice of window cleaning detergent.

It’s All About Techniqueglass replacement

First, a few tips on technique. Start by washing your inside windows before moving to the outside, which will always be dirtier. Wash your windows from the top down as this prevents messy drips and smudge marks Finally, use horizontal strokes on one side of the glass and then use vertical strokes on the other – this will help you see which side of the window (if any) has those annoying streak marks.

Now to the Cleaning

Half fill your bucket with warm water and add either dishwashing liquid or two tablespoons of vinegar – whichever you prefer. Bear in mind, if you’re going to use soap be conservative – the fewer suds, the better. Next, grab your squeegee and start at the upper corner of each window.

Pull it evenly across the glass and, after each stroke, wipe the blade with a clean rag. Look out for any glass panes in need of repair or replacement. Remove any excess water with a clean squeegee. Now buff the glass to a sparkle, using crumbled newspaper or a cotton cloth. Finally, using a damp cloth wipe away any water that may have spilled on to the frames.

When and Howglass replacement

Always wash your windows on a cloudy day. Whilst you may see more dirt when the sun is shining, the sunlight will dry your windows too quickly leaving you with streaks on your freshly cleaned glass. Also, keep your windows sparkling by washing them at least twice a year. Not only will this help keep them clean but it will also allow you to check for any window cracks or problems before the cold weather sets in. Nobody wants to have to organise an emergency glass repair or glass replacement service in the midst of arctic temperatures!

If you’re in need of any glass repair or glass replacement work, call us at Emergency Glazier and find out how we can help you.

glass replacement

Why You Should Repair Your Glass Before Winter

While glass replacement after a break-in is usually an immediate task, glass repair following an accident is something that often gets pushed down your to-do list, especially if it doesn’t appear to be too bad. However with winter approaching, this is the best time of year to check your windows for damage, and arrange to have your glass repaired or replaced as necessary.

Before the weather steps in to make things worse…

The Effects of Winter Weather on Glassglass replacement

Glass panes are always more at risk of damage over the winter months between October and February, when the weather’s at its coldest. If your glass is old, the combined pressure of freezing temperatures and strong winds can take their toll leading to hairline cracks or worse, and the need for repair or replacement.

The windows most at risk are the biggest ones. Windows that are wider than they are high experience the greatest pressure when the wind blows, and are most likely to have received invisible damage from bumps and bangs during the summer months.

Double-glazing units can become damaged and ineffective with age, and when a unit becomes misted or foggy it’s almost certainly due to cracks or damaged seals, making glass replacement inevitable. Misting shows that the hermetic seal has failed and you will experience an increase in energy bills due to heat loss, as moisture seeps into the unit and then condenses.

glass replacement Imploding Windows

A more spectacular threat from the extreme temperature variations experienced during harsh winters is imploding glass on double-glazing units.

As the weather changes and becomes colder, the inner pane can shatter when you turn up the heating, making the inside temperature very high as the outside temperature plunges. The risk is increased if the glass is scratched or damaged in any way.

Glass replacement may also be needed if, after a long period of cold weather, the window is suddenly subjected to powerful sunshine, putting the outer pane at risk of longitudinal cracking.

Fix Your Windows While the Sun Is Shiningglass replacement

If you know your glazing units are old and you have condensation between the panes, it’s best to organise glass repair or glass replacement before the winter weather sets in. It may seem expensive, but you will save yourself money in heating bills and possibly a lot of extra stress and expense if the unexpected occurs and your windows crack or implode when the weather turns.

For all your glazing needs, contact Emergency Glazier of London today.

glass replacement

Procedures for Glass Replacement

There are a number of ways windows can be broken, but whatever’s happened it’s important to carry out repairs quickly. Broken windows make your home or business less secure and leave your property exposed to the elements. If things are tight, you may be wondering whether you could carry out the glass repair or glass replacement yourself. Technically it is possible. Here’s what you have to do.

glass replacementEquipment

You’ll need gloves and safety goggles to protect your hands and eyes, along with various tools, such as a hammer, chisel knife, pick, pliers, stripping knife and window tool. You also need a pane of glass cut to the right size, glazing points, tape measure and fresh putty.

Step-by-Step Guide to Glass Replacement

glass replacement

1. Carefully remove all glass by tapping sharply close to the sill with a hammer. Put the glass into a box or bag to dispose of safely.

2. Remove the small pieces of glass left in the frame. Use pliers to gently pull the shards out, and use a pick or other implement for the stubborn bits.

3. Remove the putty from around the frame using a chisel knife and hammer. Slide the chisel knife along the putty and lever it away from the frame. Scrape along the wood to eliminate any bits of putty, taking care not to damage the frame itself.

4. Remove the old glazing points with the chisel knife to ensure the new pane will sit tight against the frame.

5. Measure all four sides of the frame using a tape measure – take the measurement from inside the frame. Cut the glass to a size that is a 1/8th inch less to ensure it will fit easily.

6. Carefully place the glass in the frame.

7. Tack the glass into place using the glazing points; two for each side of the frame.

8. Apply putty around the edges of the window. Overfill, then use a knife to create a smooth surface. Check to see if the putty can be seen from the other side of the window. The frame and putty should be at the same height. Remove any excess with the window tool.

9. Leave to dry, and after a week or so apply decoration as needed.

Call in the Professionalsglass replacement

As you can see, glass replacement is a tricky skill and unless you’re confident in your abilities you could end up with a bodge job that leaves your place even more exposed to the elements or to criminals popping out your glass with ease.

To be sure your glass repair and glass replacement are up to scratch, you should always use a professional. For all your glazing needs, contact Emergency Glazier of London today.

office glass replacement

Why The Summer Is Great Time For Office Glass Replacement

In business it’s important to be always moving forward. Most of the time, this means taking on new staff, systems and clients. However, sometimes moving forward could be as mundane as improving the offices you work in, including replacing or upgrading windows. Summer is the best time for office glass replacement for a number of reasons.

Fewer Disturbances office glass replacement

The act of replacing your office windows means you’ll have a hole in the wall. Doing the job during summer means you’re more likely to get the job done without delay caused by bad weather. As an added bonus, the draught created by the temporary holes in the wall will be a cooling rather than a chilly distraction for employees, as it would be in colder times of the year.

Increase Security

Summer can bring security risks, with many businesses closing for bank holidays or forgetting to close windows when locking up in the evening. If you think your office needs updated security, then summer is a great time to improve it by replacing your office glass.

Windows can be an easy point of entry for burglars if they’re old or have worn looking frames. Upgrading to double-glazed windows, if you don’t already have them, is a great move. Security measures can also be fitted in the window frames such as tamper-proof screws and tougher locks to ensure the windows can’t be forced open.

office glass replacement Energy Efficiency

Modern windows are designed to be much more energy efficient, so an upgrade to your windows can help to reduce overheads and reduce your impact on the environment. New windows fitted in summer means air-conditioning bills will be reduced, as new windows filter out more UV rays keeping you cooler than older ones. And when winter rolls around, new double-glazed windows will retain more heat thereby reduced the cost of heating your office in the cold months. All of this means you’ll be significantly reducing your energy demands and burning less fossil fuel, reducing your office’s impact on the environment (and gaining you brownie points with your customers too!).

office glass replacementImproved Aesthetics

Having newer windows fitted will improve the aesthetics of your business premises and make window displays much more attractive. Replacing dated glass and frames with modern windows gives your business a slick, modern and sophisticated appearance, giving a better impression to clients new and old.

Summer can be a great time for office glass replacement. The predictably pleasant weather makes the job quicker and easier than any other time of year. And in replacing your windows, you’re going to make improvements to your business’s energy budget, security and aesthetics.

To find out more about replacing your windows this summer, contact Emergency Glazier of London today.


Why Summer Is Glaziers Busiest Time of Year

Your windows are most appreciated in summertime as the sun shines into your home, giving you and your belongings an energy they lacked during the long British winters. The sun brings with it a motivation to get active and a need to leave your windows open. This activity can lead to accidental damage, plus leaving windows open increases chances of burglary and theft. Unfortunate events such as these lead to summer being a very busy time for glaziers, from Abbey Wood to Aberdeen.

Summer Sports           glaziers

During the summer, the TV schedule is full of sports inspiring many viewers to get outside and emulate those they see on TV. For many home and business owners in and around areas such as Abbey Wood, this means a variety of cricket balls, tennis balls, footballs and rugby balls are going to be hailing upon their windows, conservatories and patio doors. In many cases, these home and business owners will require an emergency glazier to replace the damaged glass.

Theft and Security Windows glaziers

During the summer months, windows and doors in homes and businesses are left open, allowing a breeze of cool air to circulate throughout. But it’s all too easy for home and business owners to forget their open windows when leaving the premises, meaning their property is an easy target for thieves and robbers. A slight opening can be easily forced, and the resulting damage to windows, doors and skylights keeps glaziers very busy during these months. If you think your home or business might be at risk, call a glazier to assess your windows and fit new security ones if required.

Worn Frames and Seals      glaziers

Sometimes it’s not the glass in the window that calls for a glazier, but the frame. Over the years, window frames and seals become damaged from the various forms of extreme UK weather. Cold winter rain and winds will wear your frames down, and if moisture gets trapped in the frames it can freeze causing damage that escalates over time. Even the summer heat and UV rays cause the frame materials to degrade. Savvy home and business owners realise how much easier it is to replace their windows during the warm summer months, keeping glaziers nice and busy.

If you need a glazier that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides boarding-up services as well as glazing in the Abbey Wood and surrounding areas, look no further than Emergency Glazier of London. With an average call-out time of 30 minutes and a wide range of different types and styles of glass available, they can help to keep your property safe and dry this summer.


Why Fitting Bulletproof Glass is Becoming A Popular Job For Glaziers

As a kid you were probably fascinated by the superhero qualities inherent in being bulletproof. As adults, being bulletproof takes on a more practical application. You may find yourself wandering through Abbey Wood and wondering how to get some of that bulletproof glass you’ve seen at the local bank. You may even find yourself asking how it works. Thankfully, there are glaziers who specialise in bulletproof glass. Not only can they help you protect your business, they have a good understanding of what makes it so, well, bulletproof.

Lamination Is the Key  glaziers

Glaziers stock a wide variety of bulletproof glass, as manufacturers tend to make it to withstand bullet calibres ranging from 7 to 75 millimetres. That being said, all bulletproof glass found from Abbey Wood to Afghanistan is manufactured using the process of lamination. This is where a layer of glass-like polycarbonate is placed between two layers of normal glass. While polycarbonate may look like glass, it’s actually a tough transparent plastic. When the bullet hits the glass, it penetrates the outside layer to be met by the polycarbonate. The polycarbonate is strong enough to disperse the bullet’s energy before it can penetrate the second layer of glass.

How Energy Dispersion Helps

If you’ve ever caught a cricket ball, you’ll already have some understanding of how energy dispersion works. The faster the ball is moving, the more force you’ll feel when it hits your hand. Now imagine what would happen if that ball hit an invisible wall before you caught it. The impact of the ball would be less as the energy dispersed along the width of the wall. With enough resistance from the wall, the energy of the ball would be thoroughly depleted, the ball would lose momentum, and gravity would do the rest. The same thing happens when a bullet strikes polycarbonate.

The Thicker the Better glaziers

Admittedly, that statement is a bit erroneous, unless your business in Abbey Wood is unlikely to be assailed by an army of rifle-wielding maniacs. However, the thickness of the glass itself, not to mention the polycarbonate, has a large part to play in how bulletproof it is. To use the wall metaphor, a smaller ball of lighter material won’t need a thick wall to lose momentum, while a bowling ball hurled from a catapult would need a thick wall indeed. Longer windows need thicker layers of glass and polycarbonate to absorb the energy across the entire surface. However, this also depends on the type of bullet you expect it to encounter. Glaziers will discuss your glass requirements before determining the thickness of glass you need.

glass replacement

What to Expect in Quality Glass Replacement

Finding a broken window makes you realise how much you take them for granted. They provide not just light but warmth and security, and when one is broken, suddenly things in your house or premises are not what they were before. If you’ve never experienced a broken window before, you might be a bit uncertain about how to proceed, but you’ll certainly want the situation fixed. You will want the glass replaced, and normality restored as soon as possible.

Prompt Response

When you’re looking for a glass replacement service, the thing you probably want to know is how soon they can carry out the repair. If it’s a small crack you might not mind waiting, but if on the other hand the whole window has been smashed, it’s the middle of winter, and the window faces the street, you need someone who can fix it straight away.

glass replacement

Boarding Up If Necessary

When a window has been broken, one of the most important aspects is security. Even if the glass cannot be replaced immediately, for whatever reason, you may need the opening boarded up. When doing this, you need to be sure that the boarding is secure and solid, and that the people carrying out the work can do it properly, and will be able to secure your property whatever the time, day or night.

glass replacement

Glass Replacement                  

A glass replacement service needs to be able to supply at short notice the appropriate type of glass for your property. Domestic, retail and commercial glazing can be quite different. Some companies might only have experience dealing with residential properties, for instance. A better quality glass replacement service will have experience in all sectors, and be able to provide suitable replacements for all types of glass. Even if your requirements are for a relatively straightforward home repair, a company with wider experience will have a better knowledge of the trade, and will provide a better service.


A quality glass replacement company will have properly qualified glaziers. Their services should be recognised by insurers. It’s reasonable to expect that they have a straightforward payment system and will accept major credit cards, for instance.

If you are in the London area, Emergency Glazier provide services to residential and commercial properties, and will attend when called, within 30 minutes, 24 hours a days, 365 days a year. They offer a 24-hour boarding up service, same-day glass replacement, emergency joinery services, and are recognised by all major UK insurers. If you need quality glass replacement, you can rely on them.

Can I Find the Best Glaziers Greenwich Has to Offer by Going Online?

Emergency Glazing LondonThe entire world is online nowadays. We do our shopping and banking online, compare our utility bills online and even get our entertainment online. However, we sometimes forget that we still live in an actual world and that we sometimes have things that need building or fixing that can’t be done online. For instance, if your window is broken, you will need an actual glazier to get it fixed. But can the two be combined? Can you find the best glaziers Greenwich has to offer by using the internet? The answer is a resounding “yes”.

Using the Internet to Find Glaziers

The first thing you can use the internet for is to actually find the contact details of different glaziers. In a way, the internet is like a virtual yellow pages, where you can find all the businesses you like. There are a number of specialist directories, but you can also use any of the major search engines and enter a few search terms in. Google, in fact, sorts their results according to your geographical area at present, which means it is even easier to find the glazier you like.
However, it is about more than simply finding contact details. It is also about being able to identify the best workers out there. The internet, as such, is also a social place. We know that word of mouth advertisement is the best type of advertisement and the best way to find a quality service. Considering one of the main uses of the internet is social media, you can actually use that to your advantage as well.
There are forums and pages dedicated specifically to glaziers london and other construction professionals. You can use your own Facebook account to ask if anyone has had any experience with these people. You can use Twitter and search on the glazier hashtag, for instance. Or you can use LinkedIn, the platform for professionals, to see who is out there and what others thought of them.
Last but not least, you will have to actually contact the glaziers that you are considering. Best of all, even that can be done online! Any good professional will have a website with contact details for you to send a message to. If they only have a telephone, you could use an online telephone service such as Skype to give them a ring and discuss your needs. Clearly, only the actual installing of the glass will need to be done physically.