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Why Summer Is Glaziers Busiest Time of Year

Your windows are most appreciated in summertime as the sun shines into your home, giving you and your belongings an energy they lacked during the long British winters. The sun brings with it a motivation to get active and a need to leave your windows open. This activity can lead to accidental damage, plus leaving windows open increases chances of burglary and theft. Unfortunate events such as these lead to summer being a very busy time for glaziers, from Abbey Wood to Aberdeen.

Summer Sports           glaziers

During the summer, the TV schedule is full of sports inspiring many viewers to get outside and emulate those they see on TV. For many home and business owners in and around areas such as Abbey Wood, this means a variety of cricket balls, tennis balls, footballs and rugby balls are going to be hailing upon their windows, conservatories and patio doors. In many cases, these home and business owners will require an emergency glazier to replace the damaged glass.

Theft and Security Windows glaziers

During the summer months, windows and doors in homes and businesses are left open, allowing a breeze of cool air to circulate throughout. But it’s all too easy for home and business owners to forget their open windows when leaving the premises, meaning their property is an easy target for thieves and robbers. A slight opening can be easily forced, and the resulting damage to windows, doors and skylights keeps glaziers very busy during these months. If you think your home or business might be at risk, call a glazier to assess your windows and fit new security ones if required.

Worn Frames and Seals      glaziers

Sometimes it’s not the glass in the window that calls for a glazier, but the frame. Over the years, window frames and seals become damaged from the various forms of extreme UK weather. Cold winter rain and winds will wear your frames down, and if moisture gets trapped in the frames it can freeze causing damage that escalates over time. Even the summer heat and UV rays cause the frame materials to degrade. Savvy home and business owners realise how much easier it is to replace their windows during the warm summer months, keeping glaziers nice and busy.

If you need a glazier that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides boarding-up services as well as glazing in the Abbey Wood and surrounding areas, look no further than Emergency Glazier of London. With an average call-out time of 30 minutes and a wide range of different types and styles of glass available, they can help to keep your property safe and dry this summer.


Why Fitting Bulletproof Glass is Becoming A Popular Job For Glaziers

As a kid you were probably fascinated by the superhero qualities inherent in being bulletproof. As adults, being bulletproof takes on a more practical application. You may find yourself wandering through Abbey Wood and wondering how to get some of that bulletproof glass you’ve seen at the local bank. You may even find yourself asking how it works. Thankfully, there are glaziers who specialise in bulletproof glass. Not only can they help you protect your business, they have a good understanding of what makes it so, well, bulletproof.

Lamination Is the Key  glaziers

Glaziers stock a wide variety of bulletproof glass, as manufacturers tend to make it to withstand bullet calibres ranging from 7 to 75 millimetres. That being said, all bulletproof glass found from Abbey Wood to Afghanistan is manufactured using the process of lamination. This is where a layer of glass-like polycarbonate is placed between two layers of normal glass. While polycarbonate may look like glass, it’s actually a tough transparent plastic. When the bullet hits the glass, it penetrates the outside layer to be met by the polycarbonate. The polycarbonate is strong enough to disperse the bullet’s energy before it can penetrate the second layer of glass.

How Energy Dispersion Helps

If you’ve ever caught a cricket ball, you’ll already have some understanding of how energy dispersion works. The faster the ball is moving, the more force you’ll feel when it hits your hand. Now imagine what would happen if that ball hit an invisible wall before you caught it. The impact of the ball would be less as the energy dispersed along the width of the wall. With enough resistance from the wall, the energy of the ball would be thoroughly depleted, the ball would lose momentum, and gravity would do the rest. The same thing happens when a bullet strikes polycarbonate.

The Thicker the Better glaziers

Admittedly, that statement is a bit erroneous, unless your business in Abbey Wood is unlikely to be assailed by an army of rifle-wielding maniacs. However, the thickness of the glass itself, not to mention the polycarbonate, has a large part to play in how bulletproof it is. To use the wall metaphor, a smaller ball of lighter material won’t need a thick wall to lose momentum, while a bowling ball hurled from a catapult would need a thick wall indeed. Longer windows need thicker layers of glass and polycarbonate to absorb the energy across the entire surface. However, this also depends on the type of bullet you expect it to encounter. Glaziers will discuss your glass requirements before determining the thickness of glass you need.