Nothing is more unnerving than a broken window, especially in the middle of the night. If
you need emergency 24 hour callout glazing, make sure you choose a glazing company that offers the following.



A lot of companies offer emergency 24 hour callout glazing, but you also want to ensure
they’re available seven days a week, and on holidays. Unfortunately, a lot of glazing
emergencies occur during these times. Make a note of companies who are constantly on call and contact them first.

Speed of Response

A good emergency glazier will guarantee a fast turnaround, and they should be at your
premises within 30 minutes of your phone call. Look for glaziers who mention this on their
website, and ensure you ask how long it will take them to reach you.

Same Day Replacement


The longer you leave your glass broken, the more you reduce your security. Leave your
premises at the mercy of the elements, and you increase the risk of further damage. Your
emergency glazier should be able to repair your glass on the spot, or within the same day. At the very least, look for glaziers who offer emergency boarding services. In this case, you’ll still want a guarantee of when your glass will be repaired. You’ll also need to ensure the temporary boarding is solid and secure.

A Wide Selection of Glass

Glass comes in all shapes, sizes, and densities. The wider the selection of glass on offer,
the quicker your emergency glazing will be completed. Before calling your glazier, take a
measurement of the window frame. Your glazier will also do this to ensure accuracy, but
even an approximate measurement will speed up the process.

A Large Team of Glaziers

Bigger is better when it comes to choosing an emergency glazier. Larger glazing companies
tend to have more glaziers on call, so somebody should usually be available. If you live in a
major city, using a larger company will increase your chance of having a glazier nearby.
These companies often have bases in a number of locations.

Qualified and Certified Glaziers


Knowing your glazier is qualified and certified means you can ensure the work will be
completed to a professional standard, reducing the risk of problems down the track. Qualified and certified glaziers are also more likely to meet British Standards. This will help you meet health and safety regulations, saving energy and money in the long run.

Joinery Repair

Sometimes it’s more than just glass that is damaged. Look for an emergency glazier that also offers emergency joinery repair. While some glaziers are also joiners, it’s more likely for a professional glazier to have joiners they can call. It always pays to ask, just in case.

When you need emergency glass repair, peace of mind is paramount. Contact glaziers
who meet the above criteria, and you’ll have a lot less to worry about.