We’re a nation who loves DIY, but DIY boarding-up isn’t worth the hassle. In an emergency, the best glaziers will be available day or night, and will offer a boarding-up service if your glass can’t be replaced immediately. Here are a few reasons why you should pick up the phone before you pick up some plywood.

Keep the Criminals Out

boarding-up services

Let’s face it, a crudely slapped together boarding-up job isn’t going to keep the criminals out, especially if they caused the damage in the first place. As obvious as it sounds, keeping your family, belongings, and stock secure should be your number one priority. It’s bad enough that your glass has been broken in the first place. Don’t make things worse.

Keep the Elements Out

Wind and rain are sneakier than most criminals, and a hasty DIY job isn’t going to stop either from entering your property. Professional boarding-up services will cut the timber to the exact dimension of your doors and windows. Not only will this look tidier, it will ensure the elements stay outside where they belong.

Keep the Squatters Out

If you have an abandoned residential property, it won’t take long before squatters have it on their radar. The situation escalates if you own an abandoned commercial property, as squatters have rights over these properties. The final nail comes when owners finally gain access to their properties to discover appalling damage. Avoid squatters altogether by ensuring your windows and doors are securely boarded up. Doing this yourself is a non-starter with abandoned properties, as squatters will simply remove your handiwork and walk straight in.


Boarding-Up Requires Expertise

Contrary to what YouTube tells you, boarding up broken windows and doors takes time and knowledge. Even if you make the effort to remove broken glass, the timber needs to be
selected to the right depth, and cut to an exact size. After that, you’ll need to secure it properly and clean up again. This takes more effort than calling a professional who will have the tools, the timber, and the expertise to do the job right.

You May Not Even Need to Board-Up!

You’d be amazed at the array of glass the best glaziers have in their workshops. Emergency Glaziers will also take care of measurements, damage to windowsills and frames, and you’ll receive a free quote. After all, why board up when you can simply replace the glass straight away?