broken windowWhether you’ve arrived at work to find your business the butt of vandalism, or an exuberant free kick has sent your child’s football through the conservatory roof, discovering a broken window is a heart-sink moment. Justifiably so, since a broken window is a breach of security and a safety hazard at the same time. But don’t panic: consider the following points and you’ll be equipped to deal with the breakage safely and promptly.

1. Apply a Temporary Fix

Of course, the best solution is always to get the broken pane repaired immediately. Sometimes this won’t be possible, in which case your concerns should be to keep the weather out and maintain security. This usually means a relatively straightforward temporary repair job like taping cardboard or heavy-duty plastic to your window. If you’re making a temporary repair, remember: safety first. Clear up any broken glass which could injure your family or the public, and dispose of it safely. Always wear robust gloves (such as leather gardening gloves) when you’re handling glass directly. And use tape to stabilise broken fragments which are still part of the main pane.

2. Establish Who’s Responsible for the Repair

If you’re a tenant, Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 states that your landlord is probably responsible for repairing broken windows. However, if the breakage is the result of an accident caused by you and if certain conditions are stipulated in your tenancy agreement, you may be liable. If the broken window happens at a property you own, the question of responsibility is straightforward.

broken window

3. Consult Your Insurance Policy

Broken windows are often covered by buildings insurance. But it’s wise to consult your insurance policy before you make a claim, in case the circumstances of your breakage aren’t covered. Also, find out the overall cost of the repair or replacement before contacting your insurer: sometimes you’re better off bearing the cost yourself rather than suffering what can be a hefty increase in premiums.

4. Tempted to Do the Repair Yourself?

If you’re footing the bill yourself and are a confident DIY-er, you may be tempted to save money by actually doing the repair. Depending on the size of the pane to be replaced and the type of window, the task can be tricky for an amateur to handle. For all but simple repairs, calling a professional glazier is by far the best option.

When you find a broken window in your home or business, panic can cloud your judgement. The best course of action is to get the pane replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Call a reputable company like Emergency Glazier and let them take charge.