A broken window is bad news for any business or home. However, having an action plan handy will take the stress out of the process. Follow these steps next time you need a broken window fixed.

broken windowTidy up Any Broken Glass

A good glazier will take care of this, but you can do it yourself to speed up the process. In your home, broken glass is a hazard to you and your family. If you operate a business you want to be remembered for a lot of things, but cut feet isn’t one of them.

Look for Joinery Damage

Unfortunately, it may not just be the glass that’s broken. Looking for joinery damage will enable you to understand what needs to be repaired. The best glaziers are associated with professional joiners and this should influence who you call.

broken windowTake Some Measurements

Again, this is something a glazier will do when they’re on-site but the more information you can give them the better. The best emergency glaziers have a lot of standard glass sizes readily available and your measurements will help them get the job done fast.

Call a Glazier Who Will Act Fast

While you know how urgently your broken window needs to be repaired, there are plenty of glaziers who don’t seem to agree. Look online and only contact glaziers that have a 30-minute guaranteed response and a wide selection of glass in stock. These will usually be the ones who operate 24-hour phone lines.

broken windowCall a Glazier Who Offers a Boarding Up Service

If there’s joinery damage or your window is an unusual shape, you may have to accept it can’t be repaired immediately. Only use emergency glaziers who offer a professional boarding-up service. The best will be able to do this in 24 hours, leaving your property secure.

Call a Glazier That Offers Same Day Glass Replacement

Don’t bother with a glazier that takes longer than 24 hours to replace your glass. Get a timeframe out of them over the phone and hold them to it. The situation will be stressful enough without haggling over how long things will take.

Ensure Your Glazier Adheres to British Standards

British building regulations have very strict standards when it comes to safety and energy around glazing. Insist that these standards are met, including the installation of glass that breaks in a non-injurious manner while offering high-energy ratings. Speed and safety are everything when it comes to replacing glass and this all starts with choosing the right professional glazier. Keep these steps to hand when you need to make a call and you’ll know you’re making the right decision.