It happens to us all. An unexpected gust of wind or misguided cricket ball and there goes a window. You’ll need to deal with it quickly of course, but you’ll also want to protect those little feet and hands from being damaged. Here are a few tips on what to do to keep your children safe near broken glass.

Tell Your Children

This seems so obvious. However, in your annoyance and haste to deal with the damage, it’s far too easy to forget to tell the kids to keep away. To compound things, they’ll be all too keen to take a look. Explain to them, in age-appropriate language, that the glass will hurt them. If you have an adult nearby, ask them to take the children out for a while, or at least get them to another room. You’ll want to get to the debris as soon as possible.

broken window

Clean Up Immediately

Broken glass is a hazard that needs to be dealt with immediately. Protect yourself with leather or gardening gloves, wrap larger shards in enough handy towels or newspaper to stop them poking through, and double-bag them for extra safety. You don’t want pierced skin when you’re hoisting rubbish bags later on.

Secure the Area

Firstly, place furniture around the glass-strewn area to keep your children away. Using gloved hands, snap off large, protruding, lose shards and put them in your bag. If you’re lucky enough to have a piece of plywood handy, use this to completely cover the window and window frame. If you don’t have plywood, use a heavy tarpaulin, duct or gaffer tape, or a few layers of cardboard.

Removing Glass From Hard Surfaces

If the loose glass has fallen onto a hard surface, sweep them up slowly and carefully. Follow this up with a dustpan and brush to collect the slightly smaller shards. Finally, run the vacuum cleaner over the surface to collect those tiny fragments you’ve inevitably missed. If you’re cleaning a hardwood floor, make sure the wheels of your vacuum cleaner don’t catch and drag any stray shards.

Removing Glass From Carpet

This is tricky but not impossible. Keep your gloves on and pick up any large shards. Secondly, run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet to separate the fibres. Finally, use tape to collect the tiny pieces.

Call a Glazier Immediately

Don’t leave your makeshift window covering until later. Broken windows are draughty, dangerous, and an invitation for burglars. Call your glazier immediately, and discuss your options. Whether you want exactly the same glass, need the window to be boarded up or wish to replace it with safety glass, they’ll be able to help you out.