A broken window is unnerving. Whether it is has been caused by burglary, vandalism or bad weather, you will want to repair the damage as quickly as possible and ensure that your home or business premises is safe and secure. But with so many emergency glaziers in London, the choice of which glazing company to choose can be overwhelming, especially in an emergency. Follow the below five tips to ensure you choose the best glazing company.

emergency glazing


The security and safety of your home is paramount and a broken window can occur at any time of the day or night. Make a list for companies that are available not only 24 hours a day but also seven days a week, including public holidays. In the event of an emergency, consult this list first.


A good emergency glazier will be able to guarantee a fast response. No matter where you are situated in London, a glazier should be at your home within thirty minutes. Look out for companies that guarantee this on their website and remember to ask when calling how long it will take for a glazier to reach you. In addition, look out for companies who can guarantee when your window will be repaired. After all you do not want to leave your home unsafe and vulnerable. Ideally, your emergency glazier should be able to guarantee a same-day glass replacement service or at least a 24-hour secure emergency boarding.

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It is essential to choose a firm that will provide the highest quality professional service and whose work will fully meet British standards of energy and safety. To ensure this, check that your glazier is fully qualified and certified.


In a city the size of London, look for larger glazing companies, who can offer multiple locations across the entire London area. Not only will larger companies usually have more glaziers on call, but they are also more likely to have a glazier based nearer to you.

Fulfilling your needs

Finally, it is critical that the firm you select can meet your needs. Look out for companies that can guarantee availability to not only all types and size of glass, but also glass that conforms to the latest British Standards. In some instances, the frame and the windowpane may be damaged. It is therefore also useful, to check that your emergency glazier can also offer a joinery repair service, just in case this is needed.

At Emergency Glazier of London, we can guarantee to deliver the highest level of professional service in emergency glazing. Call us today to find out how we can help you.