Keeping your business safe in the New Year should be a number one priority for shop owners in London. Criminal damage and theft are an unfortunate fact of life, but one that needs to be taken extremely seriously.

Emergency Glaziers LondonEnsuring your shop is secured as much as possible is of great importance. But what happens if you are one of the unlucky ones?

Whether through robbery or vandalism, a smashed shop front will keep you from trading and, therefore, making money. You should ensure to keep your shop safe by utilising appropriate security measures such as alarms, secure doors and windows, and CCTV. Sometimes however this isn’t enough, and the worse case scenario may occur.

Getting in touch with an emergency glazier in London should be an easy process. Here are three key elements to look for when hiring a company to fix your glass.

1. Speedy Response

Time is money in the world of retail. If you’re forced to shut your shop due to smashed or damaged glass, every hour that passes is money down the drain. Finding an emergency glazier who has a proven track record of speedy response times is crucial. Emergency Glazier of London will address your problem within a 30-minute window of first contact.

A quick turnaround will give you peace of mind that the window will be replaced as soon as possible.

2. Variety of Glass

Quick communication is all very well, but if the glazier doesn’t have the right glass in stock, it will ultimately mean more waiting. Emergency Glazier’s stock large sheets of quality glass types on the move. No waiting around for deliveries or pickups from other locations, as they’re already loaded up inside the van.

3. 24-Hour Emergency Boarding

If you have a break-in or are made aware of serious vandalism late at night, it can be of great concern. You won’t want to leave the shop unattended until morning, as this is another security risk. When this happens in the dark hours of the night, it can be extremely stressful. Finding a company who offer a 24-hour emergency boarding system can be a saving grace.

This way, you know the shop will be safe until morning. It’s a weight off your mind while you handle other logistical problems.

As well as the above benefits, you should research a company that are qualified and have an excellent reputation. You’re putting the future security of your shop in their hands.

If you’re in London and are looking for emergency window repair for your shop, give Emergency Glazier of London a call today.