All Year Round Glazing Services

Winter has arrived but are you ready for snow, hail and bone-chilling icy cold temperatures? More importantly are your windows? Are you confident they will help keep you warm as the temperatures continue to drop, and are you sure they’ll they stand up to the onslaught of ice and hail?

Every year, many people face the prospect of a broken or cracked window as the cold British winter takes hold. 

 Avoid the panic of searching for emergency glass repair throughout London in the winter months, and think ahead throughout the whole year.

Emergency Winter Glazier Repair London

Face Old Age in the Summer, not Winter Months

Old age is not kind to your windows. Older windows or single pane windows are particularly prone to freezing in the winter months, and often break as a result of frost building up.

In the worst possible weather conditions, you can often find yourself with a broken or cracked window in need of an emergency glass repair. So be prepared and consider replacing older single pane windows in the spring or summer months.  After all, the weather is nicer and you’ll be ready to enjoy a warmer, stress-free winter season.

Check Your Windows All Year Round

Throughout the year, take some time to check your windows for signs of wear and tear. Are your windowpanes showing any signs of small crack lines? Are your window seals intact and are any frames rotting or falling apart? Have you noticed any moisture on the inside of your windows or have your windows started to leak?

Checking the health of your windows throughout the year will help you identify problems sooner rather than later. It could help you recognise repairable problems such as loose window glass or a weak sash and frame seal. This allows you to arrange for a glass repair service at your convenience, rather than an emergency glass replacement visit in the cold winter months. Which will save you money, time and unnecessary stress.

Think Ahead

Despite your best planning, accidents and bad weather still occur. Windows will still break in the coldest winter months. Avoid being caught out in an emergency by planning ahead, and identifying a good local emergency glass repair company.

Choose a glazier that can easily reach your home or business – a company with bases throughout the London area is always a good bet. And don’t forget to make sure they are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week –after all, your broken window should not have to wait until your glazier opens!

If you’re looking for a glazier that specialises in emergency and non-emergency glass repair and replacement services throughout the London area, contact us at Emergency Glazier to find out more.