Giving your home a facelift can be easier than you might think. Glass is often something homeowners overlook, but clever use of this versatile material can change the look of your whole house. There’s no need to wait until a cracked or broken window needs an emergency glass repair. And if your window and door frames – whether uPVC, timber, or metal – are in good condition, glass replacement is a possibility too.

Isn’t All Glass the Same?

There are numerous different styles of glass available today; you’re sure to find something that suits your property – and your budget. What’s more, the use of decorative glass doesn’t need to be confined to windows and doors, although they’re obviously key areas. You can use glass throughout the home to add style – and you might add value too.

Glass for Windows and Doorsglass replacement

There are several important things to consider when choosing glass, either in a planned new installation, glass replacement or following a glass repair.

This includes:

 What’s the size of the glazed area?

 Do you need to allow light in, or block it out?

 What about noise?

 Is the glass in a hard-to-reach position?

 If choosing decorative glass replacement windows and panels, will the new design be appropriate to your property?

Popular Styles of Decorative Glass glass replacement

You’ll find lots of styles to choose from and it might be helpful to get advice from glass repair and replacement experts.

 Patterned glass, often with coloured panes or leaded lights, is available in traditional or modern designs. A dull outlook can be brightened up by the addition of a patterned replacement glass panel.

 Frosted glass isn’t just for bathrooms; it can be used in many situations and often has a contemporary, textured look.

 If saving energy is important to you, then replacement glass with thermal-insulating properties is an excellent option.

Other Glass Products That Give Your Home a Style Updateglass replacement

Why not complement the look of your newly designed windows and doors with other, modern glass products?

If your staircase balustrade is old and tired, the addition of bespoke replacement panels made from toughened glass will transform the whole area.

Kitchens and bathrooms can benefit from durable glass splashbacks that give you functional, clean lines. Glass replacement tiles come in many colours and can look stunning in opaque or translucent varieties.