While glass replacement after a break-in is usually an immediate task, glass repair following an accident is something that often gets pushed down your to-do list, especially if it doesn’t appear to be too bad. However with winter approaching, this is the best time of year to check your windows for damage, and arrange to have your glass repaired or replaced as necessary.

Before the weather steps in to make things worse…

The Effects of Winter Weather on Glassglass replacement

Glass panes are always more at risk of damage over the winter months between October and February, when the weather’s at its coldest. If your glass is old, the combined pressure of freezing temperatures and strong winds can take their toll leading to hairline cracks or worse, and the need for repair or replacement.

The windows most at risk are the biggest ones. Windows that are wider than they are high experience the greatest pressure when the wind blows, and are most likely to have received invisible damage from bumps and bangs during the summer months.

Double-glazing units can become damaged and ineffective with age, and when a unit becomes misted or foggy it’s almost certainly due to cracks or damaged seals, making glass replacement inevitable. Misting shows that the hermetic seal has failed and you will experience an increase in energy bills due to heat loss, as moisture seeps into the unit and then condenses.

glass replacement Imploding Windows

A more spectacular threat from the extreme temperature variations experienced during harsh winters is imploding glass on double-glazing units.

As the weather changes and becomes colder, the inner pane can shatter when you turn up the heating, making the inside temperature very high as the outside temperature plunges. The risk is increased if the glass is scratched or damaged in any way.

Glass replacement may also be needed if, after a long period of cold weather, the window is suddenly subjected to powerful sunshine, putting the outer pane at risk of longitudinal cracking.

Fix Your Windows While the Sun Is Shiningglass replacement

If you know your glazing units are old and you have condensation between the panes, it’s best to organise glass repair or glass replacement before the winter weather sets in. It may seem expensive, but you will save yourself money in heating bills and possibly a lot of extra stress and expense if the unexpected occurs and your windows crack or implode when the weather turns.

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