industrial estate glazing

It’s an ongoing fight to stop crime on Britain’s industrial estates. Their isolated nature is a magnet for criminals, gangs, and general anti-social behaviour. One of the most common crimes in industrial estates involves smashing windows for theft. If it happens to you, don’t just board it up. Call an expert in glazing for industrial estates and stop the problem from spiralling out of control.

Crime Begets Crime

Crime on industrial estates comes in waves and there’s good reason for this. Criminals see industrial estates as a single entity rather than a collection of businesses. If your neighbours have smashed windows and haven’t called an expert in glazing for industrial estates, start badgering them now. One broken window invariably leads to another and the problem will impact on you sooner rather than later.

Don’t Send the Message They Can Get Away With It.

Unless you get an emergency glazier in quickly, you’re sending criminals a message that your property is theirs to destroy. In New York, subway graffiti was defeated with a simple remedy. At the end of each day, the graffiti was systematically removed until the criminals simply gave up. If this approach works on something as complex as the New York subway system, it can work for your business. As soon as you know your window is broken, get an emergency glazier in to repair it.

Don’t Give Them the Satisfaction

Hooligans love showing off to fellow hooligans. Imagine the look on their faces when they come to gloat in the misery they’ve inflicted, only to find brand new glazing. Ha!

industrial estate glazing

Don’t Risk Basic Security

This is so obvious it doesn’t bear mentioning. Boarding is easy to break into, with the exception of emergency boarding installed by professional glaziers. Given you’ve already established the presence of criminals on your industrial estate, the last thing you want is to give them the opportunity to steal more of your belongings.

Don’t Reduce Workplace Morale

Apart from the unprofessional message boarded windows send your clients, the psychological impact on your staff shouldn’t go unrecognised. Boarded windows are dreary, depressing, and send a constant reminder to staff that their workplace is vulnerable. Criminals may have damaged your window, but get it fixed quickly so they don’t damage morale and productivity too.

It’s too easy to focus on the obvious when criminals break your window. However, preventing and fighting crime means taking action on numerous fronts. When something as simple as contacting an emergency glazier can deter future crime, not doing so is a crime in its own right.