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The festive period is a busy time in any city but especially in London. With thousands of visitors flooding into the capital for shopping, nights out and to visit tourist attractions, it’s little surprise there are many people on the streets at all times of day and night. As soon as Christmas Eve arrives, the streets empty and business owners lock up for holidays. With fewer people around, premises become more vulnerable to intruders and accidental damage. Should the worst happen and a window gets smashed, boarding up services London are quick and easy to arrange.
But we hope it doesn’t come to this, so here are some tips on how to keep your premises safe over the Christmas holidays.

Make Sure The Building Is Secure and Appears Occupied

It probably goes without saying, but double check the locks on all of your doors and gates. Make sure your alarms are set so in the unlikely event of a break in, you and the authorities will be alerted quickly. Hopefully the alarm will also be a deterrent, but if some damage does occur to your windows, you may need to call a London boarding-up service to secure the building.
It’s worth leaving some lights on so the building looks occupied, and there are fewer dark corners for criminals to hide in. You may want to use a timer to give the appearance of lights being turned on and off at random times, as if there is somebody present.

Speak to Your Neighbours about the Closure

If you know people living in residential property near your business, let them know you’ll be closed during Christmas. They may notice suspicious activity and can alert the authorities before it’s too late. They may even notice a broken window early on, so you can use a boarding-up service to secure it. Some areas in London will already have a neighbourhood watch scheme you can join, though this is less likely in commercial districts. With trustworthy neighbours keeping an eye out, you can rest more easily.

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Check Your Insurance

It’s never easy to imagine the worst happening, but having the right insurance cover is vital in the event of damage or theft. At least if something goes wrong you can recover the costs. Most good policies will cover boarding-up services and replacing windows. To protect against burglary, you can insure the contents of the building. Make sure every eventuality is covered so you can relax over Christmas and the New Year.

With the building locked down, insured, your alarm set and your neighbours aware that you’re away, you’ve done all you can to prevent theft or damage. Even if you do have a break-in or your windows get damaged, London boasts many boarding-up services operating 24/7, even during the holidays, so you can secure the building fast.
For more information on boarding up services and glass repairs in London, contact Emergency Glaziers.


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