It’s a sound many business owners and building supervisors dread: a late-night call informing you that the burglar alarm is ringing at your office due to a broken window. Still with a muzzy head after being dragged from your pleasant dreams, you now need to snap into action and deal with the situation.

Here’s a quick guide to organising office glass replacement in Central London in minimum
time with maximum efficiency.

Inform the Police & Your Insurance Company

If the damage is the result of vandalism, you need to notify the police immediately otherwise you run the risk of not being covered by your insurance. For non-emergencies dial 101, or in an emergency call 999.

Once the police have been advised, you need to call your insurance company to check your
claim will be covered. Many insurance companies will have a preferred glazier or will give
you a ceiling payment limit for the job.


Find a Reputable Glazier

Many glazing emergencies happen at inconvenient times of day, so it’s essential to choose
a glazier that’s available 24 hours per day, and who will guarantee a fast turnaround for the job – the longer your building is left unsecured, the greater the possibility of another act of vandalism or your office equipment becoming damaged from exposure to the elements.

It’s also important to check that the glaziers you’ve chosen are qualified and certified to give you ultimate peace of mind that the work will be completed to a high standard. It’s all very well choosing the first person who can turn up, but if the workmanship is shoddy you’ll only have problems further down the line.


Make Sure Your Office Is Secure

Sometimes, it isn’t always possible to replace the glass following a breakage immediately,
especially if your office windows are an uncommon shape, or you want a particular grade of glass. However, a reputable glazier will always be able to secure your broken window to keep it safe from vandals and protected from the elements.

At Emergency Glazier of London, we promise to have your office secured in Central London
within 30 minutes of receiving a call.

Arrange for the Glass to Be Replaced


Once you have the peace of mind that your office is safe, you can arrange for the office glass replacement to take place. Now is the perfect time to check whether any other windows need replacing due to general wear and tear, or you may wish to take advantage of the latest window technology to make your office more energy efficient.

If you need help arranging office glass replacement in Central London, contact Emergency
Glazier of London today.