office glazing

Office glaziers are highly skilled individuals that not only have experience in the glass business, but that do this specifically in offices. Office glaziers London professionals are particularly skilled due to the geographical makeup of London. But what exactly makes London so different? And what is it that makes an office glazier different from a regular glazier?

The Difference London Makes

The majority of offices in London are found in high rise buildings, alongside very busy streets. This brings very particular challenges with it. Often, a window has to be installed from the outside, which can be pretty treacherous if you are on the 50th as simply putting scaffolding up. Firstly, due to the height of the buildings, access often has to be created by using a lift hanging from the ceiling. Secondly, due to the heave traffic in the city, both on food and on the roads, placing scaffolding is often not allowed. This means that these glaziers face some very particular challenges that they probably wouldn’t meat anywhere else in the country.

The Difference an Office Makes

Then, there is the issue of working in an office. Removing, replacing or repairing a window means a lot of disruption will take place. This has to be minimised, because downtime in a business means less profits can be made, which is unacceptable. Hence, office glaziers often have to work at night, when the office itself is closed.

Not just that, there is often a lot of confidential information lying about. Paperwork with figures and data that nobody is supposed to see is often left on desks. Telephone conversations that are private are being conducted over the phone. Meetings are taking place in which important decisions get made that shouldn’t be shared. This means that glaziers will have to sign various agreements, including confidentiality agreements, to ensure none of this information is leaked to the competition, the general public or the press.

Clearly, office glaziers are a breed apart, particularly if they operate in London. Their job is incredibly demanding and very dangerous, and they have to face particular challenges that few other professionals will have to face. It is no wonder, therefore, that they are also very well-paid, and they should be. Without their work, we wouldn’t be able to work in a high rise building with sweeping views over London, after all.

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