If you have never been to London, you really have missed something. It is the financial capital of Europe, and is quickly becoming the fashion and shopping capital as well. Besides this, it is a city of great historical and cultural significance, as well as being the home of the British government and monarchy. As a result, it attracts thousands upon thousands of tourists each and every day and this brings a particular challenge for glaziers.

The Challenges Faced by Retail Glaziers London

So how come retail glaziers in London are different from anywhere else? Because of the way the city is constructed! There isn’t much open space between buildings in London. If you can image, there will be a shop on one side, with a narrow pavement and a wide road, and this is repeated on the other side. This doesn’t seem significant, until you realise that people only have so much peripheral vision. As such, they are not able to see very high up, or very wide apart. In order to do this, you would have to step backwards, which is impossible in London as there is a wide road in between the two pavements.

This situation means that retailers have to be very clever in their use of windows. They have to make sure that in the small area that people can see, enough is revealed to entice them into the store. This is done in a variety of different ways, and glaziers are one of the main partners in achieving this.

For instance, many of these shops will use slightly reflective glass on the front, and mirrors on the inside of their shop. This means that when you walk past, you are able to see in the shop, but the interior is also reflected through both the glass and the mirrors. This type of glass is fragile and hard to handle, which a glazier has to be comfortable with.

Another factor to take into consideration is the fact that many of the shops in London store very expensive items, including designer clothing and jewellery. This means that their glass also has to offer a certain degree of security. Many panes of glass are bulletproof, particularly those in front of jewellery stores. Again, this requires a different type of skill to be able to handle. The glaziers have to cut the panes of glass to size, which is only possible with some highly specialised equipment that they have to be trained to use.